NCBL Proposes Law For Africans to Reclaim Africa’s Natural Wealth

news-AfricaThe National Conference of Black Lawyers (NCBL) commemorates African Liberation Day 2007 by proposing a legal blueprint for reclaiming Africa’s natural wealth from foreign corporations and settlers. NCBL’s newly-drafted Model Code for the Reclamation, Protection and Preservation of African Land, Traditional Knowledge and Mineral Resources will be published to various African political parties and journalists on May 25, the date when many African communities around the world annually affirm a commitment to the full liberation of Africa and the continent’s descendants.

“Model codes” are sample laws that legislative bodies use as guides when drafting new legislation. “We don’t expect our Model Code to find its way into the laws of African countries right away, but we do hope that it will help create for Africa a vision of how Africans can establish a legal framework for the expulsion of foreign corporations that exploit Africa’s natural resources,” said Mark P. Fancher, Chair of NCBL’s International Section.

Click here to read the entire Model Code (PDF)