Young Black Legal Warriors

NCBLp6NCBL’s Young Legal Warriors project is dedicated to fostering a new generation of young lawyers and legal workers who are committed to eradicating social injustices, and defending the rights and interests of Black communities in the United States and  throughout the diaspora.

This project has two main objectives: 1) organizing and convening the Institute for Black Legal Warriors, 2) encouraging the participation of young lawyers and law students in   NCBL through the Fund for the Future.

The 2007 co-chairs for this project are Rukia Lumumba and Kikélola Roach.

1) The Institute for Black Legal Warriors

This daylong work session is designed to prepare law students, legal workers and young lawyers for careers in service to the Black community.

The Institute for Black Legal Warriors is designed to pass the torch to new NCBL lawyers and legal workers. Distinguished NCBL champions of justice will guide participants through an analysis of the barriers to Black progress as well as a review of effective legal strategies that have advanced the freedom struggle.  Each participant will be encouraged to select a project of interest in the areas of criminal justice, international affairs, or social/political/economic rights. They will develop a work plan to advance ans support the selected project with guidance from an NCBL lawyer.

2) The Fund for the Future

In addition to supporting the work of the Institute for Black Legal Warriors, the Fund for the Future aims to provide a stipend to law students who are interested in a NCBL internship and to provide financial assistance to members of the Black Law Student Association (BLSA) who want to attend NCBL’s annual conferences.

Financial assistance will be available to students wishing to attend the NCBL annual conference.  Priority for aid will be given to third year BLSA students who have demonstrated a commitment to the Black community through community service project(s). Students who receive funding must be nominated by a current NCBL member and be willing to provide 10 hours of volunteer service to NCBL. The volunteer commitment can be achieved  by (a) working with a NCBL mentor developing a research or litigation project, (b) planning and/or implementing the Institute for Black Legal Warriors, or (c) assisting in recruiting other BLSA members or lawyers to become members of the NCBL.