Category: Michigan Chapter

Black Movement Law Project Training to Support Detroit Movements

On January 30, 2016, the National Conference of Black Lawyers (NCBL) Michigan chapter will host Black Movement-Law Project trainers for back-to-back sessions on Legal Observing (with a special emphasis on race, power & privilege) and Jail Support. BMLP has worked in Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland and throughout the country to support communities as they demonstrate against police brutality and systemic racism. We hope this training and meeting will serve to build ties between lawyers, legal workers, and organizers in Detroit, and to catalyze stronger legal infrastructure and movement-building in the city.

Detroit Mass Water Shut-Offs

Billions of dollars are pouring into Detroit for the construction of an urban rail line, a hockey arena and accompanying entertainment complexes, restaurants, upscale housing and much more. Meanwhile, the water services for thousands of Detroit families have been terminated, and thousands more will suffer the same fate.