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"NCBL LEAP is the only “LEAP “ project providing CLE training for lawyers to sue the police in State and Federal courts throughout the United States."


~ Lennox S. Hinds, LEAP Moderator

Law Enforcement Accountability Project

The National Conference of Black Lawyers’ Law Enforcement Accountability Project (LEAP) is a legal education program designed to train a cadre of lawyers to file civil suits in Federal Court on behalf of the victims of police misconduct and to educate the community activists to know their rights, especially during these protests.


Those taking this training will receive 4 CLE credits to maintain their license to practice law and are encouraged to work with members of their communities as legal advocates in the fight against police brutality.


NCBL LEAP will utilize the framework of the legal system and existing laws to file civil suits that would hold accountable:

  • police officers who actually committed abusive acts

  • officers who were present and failed to prevent the abusive acts

  • officers who conspired to cover up the abusive conduct

  • the police chief and superior officers who failed to properly train and supervise such police officers

  • the city or a municipality that condemns and maintains a policy of abusive conduct by failing to discipline such officers accused in the past of misconduct.


Our Distinguished LEAP Faculty will discuss the primary objective of §1983 Litigation which was to provide a means to enforce the provisions of the Fourteenth Amendment. Thus, the bill was intended to protect not only the rights of African Americans who have recently been freed from slavery but also the rights of all citizens against state-sponsored infringement of constitutional rights.

  • Critical Issues in §1983 Litigation

  • The Nuts and Bolts in §1983 Trial Preparation

  • Overcoming Qualified Immunity and Other Challenges in §1983 Litigation

  • Empowering Communities, Families, and Clients to Know Your Rights


In many states in the United States, CLE participation is required for attorneys to maintain their license to practice law and to ensure their legal knowledge and skills remain current.


Credits towards fulfilling CLE requirements are obtained by attending classes, courses, seminars, webinars, and self-study.


NCBL provides LEAP CLE certification for attendees.



2021 - 2022

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