The National Conference of Black Lawyers (NCBL) is an American association, formed in 1968, to offer legal assistance to black civil rights activists. NCBL is made up of judgeslaw studentslawyers, legal activists, legal workers, and scholars.

Noted clients included Angela DavisAssata Shakur, the Attica Brothers, Geronimo PrattMumia Abu-JamalBen Chavis, and the Wilmington Ten. The organization lobbied against apartheid in South Africa.


NCBL expanded from African-American oppression to help other groups in countries like Northern Ireland, the Palestinian territoriesCubaNicaraguaGuyanaGrenada, and throughout Southern Africa.


Our mission is: "To protect human rights, to achieve self-determination of Africa and African Communities and to work in coalition to assist in ending the oppression of all peoples."


NCBL is a bar association whose primary focus is on the welfare of the Black community. 


We are the legal arm of the Movement for Black Liberation.