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The NCBL Educational Project is a preliminary effort to capture some of the rich history and background of the lawyers who stepped forward to be part of the National Conference of Black Lawyers from the beginning. They recognized the importance of collective work to address the many challenges confronting their communities. One of the things I found most fascinating while editing the profiles is the rich diversity of experiences that made up NCBL’s membership and leadership.


Sometimes as we get caught up in the day-to-day struggles, we often overlook the tremendous pool of skills and talents amongst us. We hope to expand this project to include other profiles of NCBL members and to have the information available on the website. 


NCBL has been in existence for over 40 years and has had incredible successes in a number of areas, yet there is still much work to be done. Our challenge now is to make sure that we continue to reach back and reach out to African American law students and lawyers. There is value in diversity of opinions since we each have our own experiences and understandings. It is in the sharing of those opinions and experiences that good strategies are developed. 


Special thanks and appreciation to Ande Durojaiye, J.D., a 2009 Georgetown Law School graduate from Lithonia, Georgia, who provided the research for this project. 


Deborah A. Jackson

J.D., Ph.D., Project Editor 

Ande Durojaiye

J.D., Project Research

National Conference of Black Lawyers is an organization of African American lawyers, scholars, judges, law workers, law students, and legal activists. It is also known as NCBL. It assists the Black Liberation movement and serves as its legal arm. The NCBL is basically a bar association but its activities are focused towards the welfare of the Black community. The NCBL was formed in 1969.



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