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The National Conference of Black Lawyers, Michigan Chapter, was founded in March 1975 at Wayne State University Law School by a group of young lawyers and law students who recently returned from NCBL's Sixth Anniversary Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. NCBL's mission of being "the legal arm of the black revolution" guides the chapter's work. 


In 1980 NCBL presented the Michigan Chapter with the Chapter of the Year Award. Over the years, chapter members have been involved in NCBL efforts locally, nationally, and internationally. 

The Michigan Chapter has been involved in many community-based activities, such as:

  • A forum on the impact of the prison industrial complex on African Americans;

  • Legal education workshops in the prisons; affirmative action forums; anti-apartheid forums;

  • A forum on the CIA/CONTRA involvement with the distribution of crack cocaine;

  • Forums on police brutality;

  • Forums on reparations;

  • Forums on Haiti and the U.S. involvement in the kidnapping of President Aristide;

  • Forums on the death penalty;

  • Forums in support of Mumia Abu Jamal,

  • Other political prisons and prisoners of war; and the People's Law School, where various areas of law is taught to the community.


The Michigan Chapter has organized support for local judges and lawyers who have been challenged in the media and the courts. The chapter has also sponsored training workshops for lawyers in the areas of police misconduct litigation and trial advocacy.

Chapter members have been involved in various civil rights litigation, such as:

  • The voting rights challenge to the state's abolition of Recorder's Court - the criminal court for the City of Detroit, which was controlled by African American judges and staff;

  • The challenge to the University of Michigan's affirmative action admissions policy;

  • The challenge to the Michigan Constitutional Amendment which abolishes affirmative action. 


Chapter members have also represented activists who were wrongfully prosecuted because of their organizing efforts against police brutality. The Michigan Chapter's work is coordinated through the efforts of a "collective leadership."  

NCBL Detroit Chapter


  • NCBL Detroit Chapter YouTube Playlist
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