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Mellon Foundation Awards $750,000 to Northeastern Law’s Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

by Annette Ensley

Margaret Burnham, University Distinguished Professor of Law, is a law professor at Northeastern in Boston. She is the founder and director of the Civil Rights & Restorative Justice Project (CRRJ) and remains a life-time committed member of NCBL

NCBL's former National Director, Margaret Burnham introduced me to NCBL. She is profiled in the attached article having just been awarded $750,000.00 for her restorative justice project.  Very interesting article on this project and how technology lends support. 

“This support will allow us to take advantage of the latest technologies, collect and preserve more primary sources, offer a forum for more communities and empower more students to engage critically with history, racism and the role of law in these pivotal decades of the 20th century,” said University Distinguished Professor of Law Margaret Burnham, founder and director of CRRJ. “We are particularly keen to work with our colleagues at Snell Library as they create unique open source technologies to host and manage the CRRJ Burnham-Nobles Archive.”

Read the Article:

It can be done now that Foundations have in their program funding the work we have been doing for years!!! Annette Ensley, NCBL Communications Committee

P.S. Margaret Burnham also received $300,000.00 from another foundation for justice work.


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