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Haywood Burns & Shanara Gilbert
Haywood Burns & Shanara Gilbert




This Fund shall enhance both our Foundation Grant competitiveness  and our self-funding capacity for NCBL’s radical vision of Black Liberation that further strengthens the legal arm of the movement for Black Liberation. This balance will help ensure we remain independent, never becoming Foundation dependent. We will be able to launch a fully integrated  Black Liberation Campaign.


A properly funded Campaign can set a major priority goal of building new and strengthening existing NCBL chapters, especially in  southern states where the growing white nationalist movement is gaining ground to crush illegally the democratic voices of their Black populations. Wherever U.S. laws and policies of racial capitalism fortify systemic racism against Black people, the Campaign shall use its funds to build NCBL chapters.


The Campaign shall fund a robust national year-round recruitment drive for new Black radical activists: law students, new law graduates, seasoned attorneys as well as legal workers from all generations based on their ideas and commitment to NCBL’s Mission. We shall provide new members attractive orientation materials such that they hit the ground running. The Campaign, through LEAP, will be able to further grow our capacity to provide our new members and veteran members ongoing  professional assistance. 


A properly funded  Campaign shall allow us to build a NCBL Trial Advocacy Academy,  support the growth of our Reparations advocacy, and our capacity to defend political prisoners in this new era of struggle. Our Campaign will give us the capacity to submit Supreme Court amici briefs more frequently to defend our rights under the State and/or the U.S. Constitution. A  well-funded Campaign will give NCBL the capacity to fund city-wide teach–ins as part of our chapter building and membership recruitment efforts. Lastly, it will provide us the capacity to help support members’ travel to both national and international conferences. 


Thank you for your donation!

NCBL National Board

Ajamu Sankofa, J.D.

Chair, NCBL Fundraising Committee


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