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Nominate & Vote!
Nominate & Vote!

Greetings NCBL Members,


NCBL is reaching out to its members to stand for elections for our Board of Directors. 

We are calling on those who are passionate about our work, who understand the organization’s mission, vision, and values, and who will bring a strong commitment and willingness to serve as ambassadors and active advocates. 

Most importantly, we seek board members who will be positive advocates for NCBL. 


As a voluntary organization, NCBL values its members for who they are, how they can contribute, and how they can serve – not just for what they can contribute monetarily. 

NCBL needs board members who will work collaboratively with its sections and committees and members to participate actively in strategic planning and strategic thinking. 

As the highest leadership body of our organization, the Board plays a crucial role in shaping the future of our organization and ensuring our success.

In addition, our board members contribute to continuous improvements while reflecting and assessing the Board's performance and striving for excellence in governance.


  • Board member's terms are one (1) or two (2) years. 

  • There are four (4) board meetings per year, including the annual meeting in October of each year.  Board members may schedule other meetings throughout the year as well. 

  • The membership shall elect one of the elected directors to serve as President and one as President-Elect who will move into the President’s role when the term of that position expires.

  • Keep in mind that these board positions are open only to NCBL Members.

  • Members may nominate another member once receiving approval from that member.

  • Members may nominate themselves for the board of directors’ positions as well.


Let's Vote for NCBL Board of Directors

Board members are critical to the organization's success. These key people help steer the nonprofit toward a sustainable future through ethical, diplomatic, and legal governance, as well as financial management. 


To apply, please submit:

  1. Headshot

  2. CV

  3. Application Letter setting out your strengths, experience, interpersonal skills, and background work that relates to the NCBL mission, vision, and valuesL, your passion for the causes the organization supports, and your commitment to the role.  

  4. Send application materials to:


  • Submission of nominations: March 8 - 15

  • Deadline for submissions:  March 15 @ 6:00PM EST

  • Members voting (confidential process); March 18 – 24

  • Outcome - Notice to Membership:  March 26

  • Chapters designate board representative:  March 28

  • Onboarding/transition meeting: March 30 & 31

  • New Board becomes effective: April 1, 2024


All applications will be acknowledged.

NCBL 2024 Board of Directors Election
Download PDF • 90KB

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