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Reach Out And Touch

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

by Annette Ensley

Good Day Everyone,

Members of the NCBL NY Chapter Planning Committee are inviting you to reach out and invite colleagues, organizations, community activists, friends, and family to join us and contribute to a conversation that will begin to develop strategies and processes for advancing an infrastructure towards building a more sustainable future and a culture of inclusion. We will begin our discussions at the Riverside Church with An Intergenerational Conversation forum on Monday, September 23rd.

The Planning Committee has been working diligently on this event and our efforts are paying off. But we dare not relax until we have used every tactic for achieving our strategic plan, which includes inviting NCBL members to join us and help broaden our reach to increase our memberships, build partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations, and to support the outcomes we strive to achieve through this Forum.

The more we get noticed, the more connections we are likely to make, and the more members and collaborators that will connect with us in reaching our goals to advance equality through advocacy, organizing and community engagement, and to bring awareness to something of value.

We have an outstanding cross-generation of presenters and moderator.

Since we all get loads of emails every day, make yours special by having an eye-catching, attention-grabbing subject line - one that your recipients will want to open and read immediately.

Thanks for your support.

Speaking of support - we could definitely use your financial support as well. NCBL has given so much over its 50 plus years and has worked diligently to ensure that your dollars are well spent.

Your generosity and kindness help us sustain and grow our organization. You and/or your contacts can go online at:

Or send a check payable to: National Conference of Black Lawyers


2472 Broadway, #204

New York, New York 10025

Let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.

All best...always.

Annette Ensley, NCBL Communications Committee