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We seek to address the injustice caused by racism and white supremacy as it affects Black people in the United States and globally


    The Law Enforcement Accountability Project (LEAP) is designed to help prepare lawyers, law students, and legal workers with techniques and strategies to combat police violence. LEAP is designed to increase the number of those equipped to secure justice in the courts and beyond for those impacted by racism, brutality, and misconduct.


    Since 1968, the NCBL has championed the rights of oppressed communities. We’ve represented, advocated for and fought for the rights of the systemically disenfranchised both inside and outside of the court. Our chapters include Chicago, Washington, DC, Michigan and New York City.


    NCBL is committed to supporting, training and building a new generation of lawyers through workshops, mentorships and providing resources that promote self-determination, fair treatment in the criminal justice system and access to a network of radical lawyers.

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